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English extra-activities
2018/05/22 written by WINS

Extra-curricular activities in WINS: a world of opportunities!

At WINS, extracurricular activities are a fundamental part of the educational process. Our school firmly believes that teaching has to take into account not ...

Italiano attività extra
2018/05/22 written by WINS

Attività extra-curricolari in WINS: un mondo di opportunità!

Le attività extra-curricolari sono, per noi in WINS, una colonna portante del processo educativo. La nostra scuola crede fermamente che un insegnamento ...

school choice English
2018/05/17 written by WINS

Extracurricular activities: why choose a school capable of promoting them?

Extra-curricular activities represent an important part of youth education. These activities are usually carried out in line with curricular education. But ...

methodology English
2018/05/17 written by WINS

School and Innovation: the trends in the world of education

The world of education, just like all other contexts, is undergoing a process of innovation and transformation due to changes in society. The purpose of this ...

school choice Italiano
2018/05/17 written by WINS

Attività extra-curricolari: perché scegliere una scuola in grado di valorizzarle?

Le attività extra-curricolari costituiscono una parte importante della formazione dei giovani: solitamente vengono affrontate di pari passo con la didattica ...

Italiano metodologia
2018/05/17 written by WINS

Scuola e innovazione: i trend nel mondo dell'educazione

Anche il mondo dell’educazione sta subendo un processo di trasformazione dovuto ai cambiamenti della società e l'introduzione delle nuove tecnologie, per ...

school choice English
2018/05/07 written by WINS

WINS Open Week: experience a day as a student!

When it comes to choosing a school for yourself or for your child, the main sources of information used by the parents or future students are the school's ...

Italiano orientamento
2018/04/26 written by WINS

Open Week: vieni a vivere una giornata da studente di WINS

Quando arriva il momento della scelta della scuola per il proprio figlio, il sito ufficiale, i social network, gli Open Day o i consigli di chi ci è già ...

school choice English
2018/04/20 written by WINS

Open Day at WINS: a unique opportunity to experience the school!

Choosing the right school to enroll one's child in is a delicate and important moment for all families because, in one way or another, it will influence your ...

school choice English
2018/04/17 written by WINS

Open Day: some practical tips!

Open Day represents an excellent opportunity to see the school, visit the spaces and meet teachers and, in some cases, also meet with other new students and ...